Hardball Rally Lamborghini Convoy


Summer Road Trip Meets Great American Pastime

A Hardball Rally is the ultimate ballpark-to-ballpark driving experience. In between stops at some of North America’s most storied and picturesque ballparks, organizers have put together a world-class itinerary of spirited driving, checkpoint challenges, and VIP hospitality—to create a road rally of epic proportions.

Only the most interesting travel routes, the finest hotels, the best ballpark venues, and the smartest team challenges make the cut for a Hardball Rally. Lasting friendships, and fade-proof memories are the twin hallmarks of every event.

As a reason for supercar owners to gather for a long weekend of driving fun and adventure, the Hardball Rally is like an invitation to watch the World Series from an owner’s luxury suite… where the experience is state-of-the-art, and every aspect of the hospitality presentation has been carefully crafted to exceed expectations—leaving guests with a feeling of complete elation. This is the same standard that Hardball Rally teams experience on tour.

Put on your rally cap, and let’s play ball! Epic Rally Tours has teamed with Pacific Baseball Ventures to deliver the very best in sports and travel entertainment. You’ll not only drive some of North America’s most wild and scenic byways, compete in some seriously madcap checkpoint challenges, stay at the finest hotels, and eat the best meals—but, also enjoy VIP level hospitality at nightly ballgames.

Registration is limited to (60) teams. The all-inclusive entry fee covers meals, hotels, secured parking, ballpark hospitality, and special-event costs for activities like track days, closed-course hill climbs, exotic drag racing, and private tours. See our Event Info and FAQ pages for complete details.



Founder/Rally Co-Organizer

Role at Hardball Rally: When he’s not meeting with corporate partners as the Director of Business Development for Pacific Baseball Ventures, Mark is busy making plans for the 2017 Hardball Rally. As the rally’s chief cook and bottle washer, Mark makes himself useful building web pages, managing social media, mapping stage routes, contacting hotels, arranging meals, designing rally wear, registering participants, and answering correspondence from drivers and co-drivers. His vision of a luxury ballpark-to-ballpark road rally was the original catalyst for this event.

Humble Daily Driver:
2010 Honda Civic EX-L Manual Coupe

Modern Dream Car:
2016 Ferrari 458 Italia

Classic Dream Car:
1963 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder

#BucketSeatList Road Trip:
Driving The Mountain Passes of The Central Alps in Summer

Little-Known Fact About Mark:
He’s a Professionally Trained Auctioneer



Partner/Rally Co-Organizer

Role at Hardball Rally: As the President of Pacific Baseball Ventures, Zachary is the rally’s direct link to Major League Baseball (PBV shares a chairman with the Seattle Mariners). Through his connections, Zachary has been able to arrange celebrity-level hospitality functions at each of the ballparks the rally visits. Behind the scenes, Zachary manages the rally budget, plans marketing junkets, handles purchasing & acquisition, and coordinates public relations.

Humble Daily Driver:
1999 Volkswagen Passat GLX V6 5-Speed Manual

Modern Dream Car:
2016 Mclaren 570S

Classic Dream Car:
1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

#BucketSeatList Road Trip:
The Greater Blue Mountains Drive, Australia

Little-Known Fact About Zachary:
He Gets Car-Sick if He’s Not Behind The Wheel